Is it available to apply more than two forces at a single rigid body?

According to Tensor API, the way of using “apply_rigid_body_force_at_pos_tensors” is

  1. To the multiple environment,
  2. To the multiple body,
  3. Each rigid body has only one force(and position) applied.

Is there any option to apply multiple forces at a single rigid body, without additional total-force-and-torque calculation?

For now, when I trying to applying such as

gym.apply_rigid_body_force_at_pos_tensors(sim, force_1, position_1, gymapi.ENV_SPACE)
gym.apply_rigid_body_force_at_pos_tensors(sim, force_2, position_2, gymapi.ENV_SPACE)

then simulation shows the result like only the last(second) force is applied.

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I am also curious about this feature. The separated application of the force is necessary in a case where some force sets are defined in LOCAL_SPACE and the others are defined in ENV_SPACE.