Is it okay to power up tx1 with 5v power adapter?

I tried to boot my tx1 with a 5v power adapter but nothing happened, then I plugged a 19v DC adapter to it, no red lights’ on and when I pressed the pwr button, the two green light flashed on and then went off. The fan spin for about 0.1 sec. Is my tx1 broken?

Won’t work, voltage too low, but 5V shouldn’t cause harm (reverse polarity would cause harm, correct polarity at 5V simply wouldn’t work (minimum is listed as 5.5V under load). I’ve used as low as around 7.5V, but found 9V to be much more reliable. If the green lights go on and then back off again (using 19V), then something is wrong. Is this the original devel kit adapter?

There are a number of seemingly valid third party power solutions which have either a slight difference in connector causing failure (several 5.5mm connectors have a 2.5mm inner diameter, but others have a 2.2mm inner diameter…you need 2.2mm inner), or else insufficient current delivery for a very tiny amount of time right at initial boot due to not delivering stable power during that initial current spike.

The fan is not an indicator since it only runs when the system is heated up (most of the time in normal operation the fan won’t spin).

Someone else could probably tell you of a test point to measure voltage at to see if the carrier board has correct power delivery.