Is it poossible to visit NX from internet?

is it poossible to visit NX from internet? does it have a IP?


If your Jetson is connected to a router, then it would have an IP address you can log in to via ssh (command line). Most network capable devices (including Jetsons) use DHCP to request an IP address from a router when connected to a router. It is up to the router to assign the IP address.

The complication is that often a router has its own IP address visible to the outside world, and any device inside wanting to talk to the outside world is handled automatically via the router, but connections originating from the outside world rather than originating from internal devices will need a router configuration if you want to reach that internal device from the outside.

Setting up a given port on the router’s external IP address to route to an internal device’s port is a function of the router. If you know your device’s internal IP address, and if you have admin access to your router, then you can make it so that any attempt to use that port from the outside goes directly to that device, and it would just work.

A GUI solution is much more involved than an ssh command line. However, even if you are creating a GUI solution, you’d probably want to start with an ssh port solution.

thank you for kind reply !
my router is a changeble wan IP, and i am using a 3rd internet IP to find NX, but it is not stable so much for GUI…

Not sure what you mean by “but it is not stable so much for GUI”.

Do you have admin access to your router? One thing you could do is bind the MAC address of the Jetson to a specific IP address. Then there would be no changing of internal IP address across boots. Inside of the router any computer would still access the Jetson with one non-changing IP address.

You’d then set up the router to forward any outside address ssh (or other network connection port) to that one inside address. Different ports for ssh or a VPN or a virtual desktop, but the concept is the same.

The router would still have an “outside” address, and unless you pay your ISP for a static address, then that could change, and you’d have to figure out what your outside address is before you could forward to any inside address. There is nothing which can be done from the Jetson side to change this, it is up to the ISP. There are dynamic DNS services which your Jetson could use to publish its external IP address somewhere in the outside world as a convenience, but the Jetson itself cannot control that outside IP address…it can only report the address to some convenient outside world location for you to find it.

Please note that a GUI has more than one way to talk to the outside world. The correct setup of your router changes with that method. There may be security changes within the Jetson itself to support any of those methods. Most people would use a virtual desktop to accomplish this (versus something like X forwarding).

Additional note if all the above from @linuxdev are not enough:
Not sure, but the default kernel socket max buffer size is limited by default on Jetson, so if your forwarded screen has high resolution, you may also try increasing max TX socket buffer size with:

sudo sysctl -w net.core.wmem_max=33554432
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thanks a lots to both for kind instructions!
i am using nomaching and zero to remote NX, but difficult to connect it. i try your command.
and another idea, can i apply a domain to bonding NX MAC address or static IP to find it?


haha, it seems this command is more helpful to connect my box to remote control!
thank you very much!

and can i ask a repeat questions here? i just put topic for deepstream and i want to get advice urgently. is this ok?

For a deepstream question you are probably better off creating a new topic.

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