Is it possible? Is it practical? Integrated chip sets and GPUs

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I own an HP Omen 870-224, with the exception of 2 minor hardware upgrades, it’s all the stock specs for the 870-224. Using a 3.0GHz*4core processor, GTX 1060 3GB card, Intel® HD Graphics 630 (onboard), 2x16GB DDR4 sticks (replaced 8GB), and I’ve added a 1TB SSD to the stock 1TB HDD.

Lately, I’ve been playing Call of Duty Warzone, and been having some difficulties, seeing as anything above Disabled/Low settings across the board calls on over 3GB of VRAM. I have enabled my Intel graphics chip set through BIOS and been trying to figure out how to tweak some settings dedicate a portion, maybe 8GB or so, to the Intel graphics chip set for it’s own VRAM, but I’m not sure if’s possible. If it is possible, and you could get better performance or VRAM out of the Intel graphics chip set by upping the system’s memory, please shed some light on it. I’ve heard that GPU deliver better performance and are made much differently than mobos and other components, so this may not be a viable option. If it is, then you could free up the GPU for whatever else you can dedicate it’s capabilities to.

If it’s not possible, is it because it isn’t practical, or because it just hasn’t been done? It could be a very cost efficient method for upgrading performance on machines for users with situations like mine. Why aren’t video cards made with slots for upgrade or changing out memory? DDR4 has 288-pins, this leads me to believe that there are many more things possible today that weren’t possible during the developmental engineering phases of said hardwares.

I’ve been using computers since the 90s, back when every nerd’s keyboard had the FORMATC:/ print nearly wiped off of their respective keys, but I’m not a computer guru, engineer, or programmer. These days I mainly use my PC for video games, video editing, and forums, I’m not a professional by any means, and I apologize if the questions and situational suggestions are so radical that they cause chuckles, but I figured this would be the best place to ask.