Is it possible to adjust EMC clock scaling on the TX2 L4T 28.4?

We have measured some EMI into the GPS spectrum from the CPU and GPU at certain clock frequencies and would like to limit theses. I would specifically like to filter out frequencies for the EMC clock.

I’ve asked this question previously and received a response here: Is it possible to adjust CPU & GPU clock scaling on the TX2? - #8 by Bibek

The instructions do not seem to apply to the L4T 28.4 release. On the L4T 28.4 release, this method seems to disable automatic clock scaling for EMC entirely and greatly impacts performance. Is there another solution to filter the EMC clocks?


I believe I managed to fix this by removing both the emc-table@1600000 entries (original recommendation), as well as the emc-table-derated@1600000 entries.

This is what I also did for the old L4T 28.1 release, but I missed those steps this time around.