Is it possible to boot kernel from external sd card reader?

This is a follow up on this thread: NX production module not detecting external sd card reader

I am able to mount the rootfs from the carrier board’s SD card and run almost everything as normal. The only issues are related to the fact that there is an unused rootfs in the eMMC that the bootloader reads the extlinux.conf from. This means that any dtb changes (such as ones from JestonIO) on the external SD card do not affect the system.

So, my main question is how do I change this? How do I get the system to read the extlinux.conf from the external SD card? Following this post (Boot from external drive), I assumed I could use, but I’m not sure what the proper parameters would be.

A quick answer is, by default there is no support for this because our cboot will not scan the sdcard slot added by you. does not make any difference either. It is just a tool for doing flash, but not directly affect the boot.

A more complicated solution here is you go trace the cboot log and also the cboot source. With some proper modification, you may be able to use that slot.

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