Is it possible to build a DS pipeline with peoplenet as the primary detector and actionrecognitionnet as the secondary detecor

This question is a general one without dependency on the hardware/software setup, so I omit all these details. I am now trying to build a pipeline to accurately classify different actions. Considering the nature of action recognition task which involves spatial-temporal information, the built-in models supported by deepstream are not as good as those state-of-the-art models which couldn’t be used for real-time inference. So I am thinking of combining peoplenet with actionrecognitionnet, which could possibly boost the performance. But the examples given in Nvidia documents about secondary detectors don’t involve treatment of spatial temporal information, so I am wondering whether you could provide some insight into this issue before I start to invest time in it.

Currently there is no component in DeepStream SDK support it. You need to customize and implement the function by yourself.

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