Is it possible to change the PMIC-WDT configs by OTA?(Jetpack4.4)

Hello,our team change the watchdog configs from Tegra-WDT to PMIC-WDT according the following instructions:

How To Enable PMIC-WDT

To enable PMIC-WDT:

1.Change ODM data: set ODM data bits 17:16 to 0b10 before flashing in conf file. (This enables PMIC-WDT and disables Tegra-WDT.)

In the file sudo vim p2771-0000.conf.common, replace 0x1090000 with 0x10a0000.

2.Enter the command:

echo 0 > /sys/module/kernel/parameters/panic

3.Enter the command:

cat /dev/watchdog


echo c > /proc/sysrq-trigger

(The latter command causes the system to crash.)

4.Wait for two minutes. The device reboots. With this reboot, UART logs begin to appear in the mb2 logs:

[0000.203] I> pmic: reset reason (nverc) : 0x2

Now we want to update this config by OTA ,but I don’t whcih part I should reinstall? In other words,which debian package should I create?

Any help will be appreciated.

hello Bryan_Zhong,

ODMDATA is programed through the flash process, it’s store there and should be exist after OTA.
nevertheless, it’s nvidia-l4t-bootloader, which include the common library API for getting ODMDATA.

Thanks ,I misunderstood at first. Is there any other ways that can change ODMDATA except through flashing process.

Is there any API that I can change ODMDATA rather than just only getting ODMDATA?
Hundreads of devices (TX2-4G jetpack4.4) have been installed in several project. If reflashing the device is only way to change the ODMDATA. It will cost too much because we have to remove them from projects .

The reason why I need to enable PMIC-WDT is that our team want to slove the problem mentioned in following post.

After enabling PMIC-WDT ,the test result looks well.At least, that probelm didn’t happen again so far.
It need to be solved as soon as possible and it is urgent.
Any help will be appreciated.

Or is there other way to enable PMIC-wdt and disable Tegra-WDT ? For example ,After getting the ODMDATA, whether the setting enabling PMIC-WDT or not,the bootloader or something else force to enable PMIC-WDT.
In other words,ODMDATA only provide setting.but there are something else to read ODMDATA and enable PMIC-WDT.

could you please tell me which API can get the ODMDATA in nvidia-l4t-bootloader?I don’t find that.

hello Bryan_Zhong,

you must perform the flash process to update ODMDATA.

please download Cboot Sources via L4T R32.5.1 archive | NVIDIA Developer,
you’ll see a common library to use the API to get ODMDATA from BR-BCT.

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