Is it possible to compile as 32 bit but run on 64 bit OS ? 32 exe with 64 bit driver.

I have CUDA running smoothly on my desktop, a Windows XP 32 bit installation.

Teh code which reads images into my program has to be compiled in 32 bit mode.
This is nto a problme on WinXP as its the only option.

Well, I now have a server system that run Windows Server 2008 (64 bit OS) with
an S1070 attached. The 64 bit OS driver has been installed for the S1070.

VS2008 incorporates two C compilers, 32 bit and 64 bit.
On this system I eventually found that I could compile my CUDA code
by setting the -m32 flag in the Additional options box of the CUDA Build Rule.

Will the 32 bit executable interoperate correctly with the CUDA 64 bit driver installed.



Yes, it will work. That’s precisely what I have for 32bit configuration of my project that runs under XP64 (compilation with -m32).