Is it possible to connect the Xavier NX to the dev kit carrier board through riser cables?

I am currently developing a thermal solution test plan for the Jetson Xavier NX. Ideally, I’d like to have the Xavier NX not directly mounted on the carrier board – I plan on using the production module and the dev kit carrier board for testing – to have more flexibility with the thermal solution design. As far as I can tell, the pin outs are for USB, HDMI, PCIe, etc., which I don’t believe require the timing requirements of actual SO-DIMM memory; thus, can I use some form of riser cables to connect the pins on the Xavier NX to the SO-DIMM connector on the carrier board without any major issues? If such riser cables exist, can anyone let me know what vendors carry them as I have been unsuccessful in finding them? Thanks!

Never heard of such cable. It is workable in theory only if the total trace length is in requests listed in routing guideline in product design guide.