is it possible to convert rgb to yuv by HW like nvvidconv?

I know nvvidconv can convert yuv to rgb, but is there any plugin do the opposizte by hardware?

Thank you!

I’m not aware of anything Tegra specific for that.

What is your use case?

Maybe an OpenGL shader based conversion would be enough? I didn’t find gst-plugins-gl from Ubuntu, but something like that has at least existed at some point:

Thank you for your quick reply!

My case is encoding rgb frame from primesense to h264. and I want it be done by hardware, because cpu is pretty busy with other things.

It’s great to find out tegra has OpenGL hardware-accelerated APIs, I will look into that. Thanks!

Tegra has OpenGL ES 3.1/EGL, OpenGL 4.4/GLX and CUDA 6.5.

You can do a lot of computing with CUDA, I don’t have any experience on that though.

With GStreamer’s appsink/appsrc plugins you can get the data quite easily to your application for processing. That may introduce some overhead.