Is it possible to create 5V PWM pulses with TX2 or is a separate driver needed?


As the title says, I have a cheap microstep driver similar to the DQ542MA which accepts 5V PWM inputs to drive the stepper motor. I would rather not have to pass signals to a separate PWM generator such as arduino, but rather use the TX2 GPIO. Has anyone found a simple way to do this? There is also a small hobby servo that needs the PWM signals too.

I did read a post from last year where someone said they were using the DQ542MA but they did not reveal how: so it seems it must be possible.

I am a relative beginner to TX2 so please be gentle :)


hello RoboRoss,

you could use J21 pins on Jetson-TX2 for your usage,
you could refer to for the TX2 GPIOs,
please also check Tegra Linux Driver Package TX2 Adaptation Guide, there’s [GPIO changes] chapter to help you understand GPIO mapping formulas. thanks