Is it possible to develop CUDA with nvs 4200m?

Hi all,

I am new to study CUDA. My laptop is T420, whose GPU is nvs 4200. I don’t know whether it is possible to develop CUDA with this GPU. Does anyone know that?

Thank you.

A list of GPUs supporting CUDA can be found here:

I supports CUDA, so you can develop on it, just don’t expect it to actually be faster than a good CPU, as it’s a pretty basic GPU. It’s for writing the code that you will later run on a proper GPU.

You should note though that it’s a compute 2.1 GPU. There is a big difference between it and a compute 2.0 GPU, so it’s not so good for optimization testing (you’d need to work much harder to get the same optimization, that might not work as well on a 2.0 GPU)