Is it possible to directly send out PWM from TX2 using source code?

I am using TX2 module with Orbitty carrier board. Orbitty carrier board exposes 4 GPIO pins and I am wondering is it possible to directly send out PWM from those 4 GPIO pins from the source code?

So far I know how to set the value of GPIO pins from source code using the jetsonTX1GPIO C library from jetsonhacks and it worked. Intuitively, PWM is just a series of 1 and 0’s, which should be possible using GPIO through some timing, right? But then why seems like no one has solved this problem so far?

It is also possible to use PWM from command line, so I guess this also means that it should be possible to do it from source code.

I am not so familiar with computer architecture, and I hope someone can help me understand these and maybe solve this problem.

Thank you,

hello hankyang,

would you like to monitor the power status through console commands?
may i know which module you would like to check?
please share some use-case as an example.