Is it possible to establish a serial communication (USB micro AB [J28]) to the TX2?


I have tried to connect to the TX2 using Putty through the USB micro AB port without success.

Has anyone achieved communication? What drivers were installed?
I am using a Windows laptop.

Thank you

EDIT: Just realized you are talking about the micro-USB port. I’m not sure which “/dev/tty*” belongs to the serial UARTs routed to the micro-USB port when in device mode. Someone else could probably answer that. Oddly I don’t see “J20” on the concept schematics, so that is probably an issue of the schematics I am using (perhaps old ones).

The driver depends on your USB serial UART, and the actual Jetson side won’t care. However, do you mean “J21” and not “J28”? J21 has the RX and TX pins on a TX2 development kit carrier board for serial console. There are other non-serial-console pins, e.g., J17. I don’t see “J28” anywhere on the schematic. You might want to specify which carrier board you are using, and if you really mean J28.

I took a photo. I see J28 in the devboard.
I also tested COM1, COM2 and COM3 at 115200 baud.

I use COM3 when connecting to the Coral devboard using the same laptop. I guess I would have to do some research.

I have not used the serial UARTs of this port, other than the serial console. I’m unsure as to what driver might be needed, but very likely it is the FTDI driver (or perhaps CDC). On the other hand, I think there is more than one serial UART exposed in the micro-B USB.

Would anyone from NVIDIA be able to list how the serial UARTs of the micro-B USB should show up at the other end (so far driver required)? I’m also unsure of which “/dev/ttyTHS#” corresponds to those.

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