Is it possible to flash from Windows (flash_win.bat)?

I noticed during a command-line flash via that the command-line arguments are saved in a flash_win.bat for Windows.

Is this Windows method actually supported? This would be preferred for our production line. I see it refers to a win_tools directory which I can’t find any other reference to.

If not, what is the purpose of that batch file?

hello stephen.albert,

that’s a process to generate batch command for Windows flashing.
however, I’ve never tried to flash the board with Windows OS.
please note that you’ll also need Window-OS to recognize the device by putting platform into forced-recovery mode.


I see the batch command in flash_win.bat. But it refers to .\win_tools\ which doesn’t exist. If I change that path to the in bootloader, it fails to find a Windows version of tegrasign_v2.exe.

So is this just not supported? Is there documentation anywhere that describes it?

I’ve flashed many times via Ubuntu so I’m comfortable with the normal process and the recovery mode USB connection.

hello stephen.albert,

it’s not support.
we don’t public release USB driver for windows operation system, windows should not recognize tegra platforms in device manager.
there’s also without public release documentation to describes such details.