Is it possible to flash Jetson nano from Jetson xavier (.img) file or (.iso)?

I’ve needed to flash Jetson nano SD card with my Xavier (.img) or (.iso) file.
My Xavier all file, library, paths, each and everything convert to an (.img) or (.iso) file, and this file flash with 64GB SD card using “balenaEtcher” and this SD card put in my Jetson nano.
Is it possible? if possible please inform me as soon as possible, how can I do step by step?
Thank You.

We haven’t tried this, and it doesn’t appear that Balena Etcher releases an aarch64 build. However there are Linux instructions for flashing the image from command line using dd without needing Etcher:

No guarantees this would work from Xavier devkit, as mentioned we haven’t tested that. If you encounter issues, it would be easier to do from a PC or laptop (if your PC doesn’t have SD card slot, you can find USB SD card adapters)