Is it possible to get shader instruction level timestamps?

Hello! After reading this article:

I was wondering if it’s somehow possible to measure the performance of a specific section of a pixel shader using a similar API as what is shown in the article? The article seems to imply that this HLSL extension is only for ray tracing shaders, but I would be interested in getting similar timestamps for pixel shaders.


Thank you for your question regarding how to get shader instruction level timestamps and your interest in Nvidia tools. I would like to suggest that you try using Nsight Graphics which is a tool for graphics performance profiling and debugging. Specifically, we have a feature called the ‘Shader Profiler’ that you can use. The Shader Profiler helps you, as a developer, identify the reasons that your shader is stalling and thus lowering performance. See the following User Guide reference for how to use the Shader Profiler feature, User Guide — NsightGraphics 2024.1 documentation. You can get the latest Nsight Graphics release by going to the following site, Download NVIDIA Nsight Graphics | NVIDIA Developer.

Thanks again and please let us know if you have further questions.