Is it possible to hook up a GTX 1070 to a Nano and use it for image recognition

Hello there,
I had a few 1070s laying around and I was wondering if its possible to see some type of performance increase when running image recognition when I add them to the Nano? I saw on the post below that it is not possible although it is a year old so im not sure it there were driver updates or not:

Where would you like to connect it on the Nano? :-D

I was thinking the USB ports (looking at the standalone one like the image below)

Its the USB port next to the HDMI port.
I was thinking that because it looked like a higher speed port compared to the other two (correct me if im wrong though)

No. There’s (in general) no way to connect a GPU via a USB-A port. Some USB-C ports can connect external GPUs, but AFAIK it is only when there is the thunderbolt protocol used. And as thunderbolt seems to be pretty much intel-bound, there is no such thing on any Jetson.

Only Jetson AGX Xavier (and possibly Orin) have full-fledged PCIe ports where a GPU can be connected and some users reported limited success doing so.

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Ah ok. Thanks for the information!

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