Is it possible to load medical imagiing data in omniverse?

Hello I am working with some medical imaging data - I know that for this purpose Nvidia has Nvidia Clara, but I was unable to find a way to work with GPU accelerated mesh algorithms there.

Mesh algorithms seem to be very well supported in omniverse - for example in warp API. As far as I know there is a way to use most of the python packages - but is it possible to load medical images in the omniverse for example using ITK ?

Also is it possible to view the images not only as meshes but also looking through 3D object slice by slice?

I know that all API’s can be used outside of the omniverse in traditional scripts - but It seems to be interesting idea to start developing medical imaging algorithms in omniverse - is it a bad idea?

Thanks for help

This is exactly what we want Omniverse to be used for! It sounds like you would need to to make a Connector to ITK which would import your medical images over to Omniverse. Check out Lou Rohan’s GTC talk about doing this here: Making a Connector

And yes, your medical images can be “sliced” (Check out the Section Tool).

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Thanks for response @WendyGram One more question becouse i was not able to find it is there some supported cuda accelerated stencil library?

Stencil operations particularly for simulations are critical so i suppose there is a chance for a library in omniverse ecosystem covering this need