Is it possible to move the imported a2f cache effects in time?

I have imported the a2f cache USD to machinima, now I use the “Connect points ( selected )” command

So I then have my full body animated cc4 character talking, nice!

But what if I now want to change the time when my character starts to talk, I want to have for example 7 seconds of silence body motion before the talk begins. How do I do that?

my quick workaround was to insert silence at the wav file ( screen shot from a2f app) :

But we need a more elegant and dynamic way please…

Hello @pekka.varis! I am having the devs look into this. I will let you know when I hear back!

Hi @pekka.varis , I believe in the past I was able to drag the point cache prim onto sequencer and retime it there. Let me test and get back to you.

Confirmed Sequencer works with point cache as per shown in the video

Yes, it works just great! This is such an important feature, thanks @esusantolim !

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