Is it possible to pick a thread tile from a thread group?

Let’s say that I have the following partition,
thread_block one_block = this_thread_block();
thread_group tile32 = tiled_partition(one_block, 32);
Assuming the 1D block size is 256, we will have 8 thread tiles in a thread block. Each thread tile is a warp. Is there any index assigned to each tile, like the rank of threads in a tile? Is it possible to pick a particular thread tile from a thread group, like using thread_rank() to pick a thread in a tile? Thank you.
BTW, I don’t want to do it through coalesced group or if branch.

Maybe I am particularly dense today, but I’ve read the question three times now and don’t understand what is being asked. A complete worked example illustrating what you are inquiring about could be helpful.

Is this what you are looking for?

int tileId = one_block.thread_rank() / 32;

@njuffa, What I am asking if it is possible to get the tile id by using an API, like thread_rank() to obtain thread ranks, to get tile ranks. Tile32 has 8 thread groups. Is there any API to pick the third or the second tile.

@striker159 If you do this way, you still need an if statement to single out one tile. For example, if I need the 4th tile to do some work, I will need the code, if (tileId == 3) { …}. I am wondering if there is an API or indexing (an integer vector, for instance, int_vec[4] gives you the fifth element.) to do this.