Is it possible to process single frame with ISP

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NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX Xavier DevKit (E3550)
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native Ubuntu 18.04

Is there some kind of interface that I can use to convert a single RAW frame to a single RGB/YUV frame, which behaves like this dummy psudo code:

nvmedia::ISP_Debayer(Frame *input, Frame *ouput, Types types);

The purpose of that is to do simple tests of NvMedia ISP’s debayering capability against other debayering solutions,
for example,
we can do CPU single frame debayering with OpenCv:

cv::cvtColor(src_mat, dst_mat, CV_BayerBG2BGR,0);

or we can do GPU single frame debayering with CUDA + OpenCV:

cv::cuda::cvtColor(src_mat, dst_mat, CV_BayerBG2BGR,0);

How can I simply do the same thing with NvMedia?


Please try with -f and --writeFrames option of nvsipl_camera. Thanks.

Hi Vicky,

I’m looking for a single frame function call, not the a way to use sample.
By enabling -f flag the sample will construct the consumer class with file dumping function, it will write YUV frames in batches to the output that are processed from the camera input. This is not related to what I’m looking for.

How can i benchmark ISP debayering against the OpenCV debayering?


Please refer to the below two functions used in the sample and try to check the single frame. Thanks.

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