Is it possible to record and save video streams using Deepstream on an SD card?

Hey all,
Im using DeepStream to detect objects from video taken by a drone.
I wish to train a ‘yolov4 tiny’ network, using TAO so it could detect these specific objects that are seen by the drone.
Is it possible only recorded a video using Deepstream (and save the stream as videos on the SD card) without any image analytics, so after that, I could break the videos into frames and train the network? If yes, could you please provide an example?


If you have inference pipeline already you can simply remove the inference part and save the output to a file. Another easy approach is to refer to the Accelerated GStreamer example Accelerated GStreamer — Jetson Linux<br/>Developer Guide 34.1 documentation.

Also, you can refer the link below and try the smart record project.