Is it possible to remove a licensed client or shorten the lease time in the NVIDIA License manager?

Is it possible to remove a licensed client in the NVIDIA License manager? Some non-persistent VDI clients are already deleted but are still registered in the NVIDIA license manager because the lease time is not expired. Is there a way to shorten the lease time or delete the client from the NVIDIA license manager?

Sure, just reduce the lease time in License server Web UI.
The default is 7 days so reduce it to 1 day as example.



Where is that option in the UI and what version of the license manager are you using?


sorry, my mistake. This is done with the RegKey:

See LicenseInterval…



I believe there was a ‘Drop Client’ option on the older licence server however i don’t see this option on the latest GRID5 license server. REGKEY looks to be the only option for client removal

Hi Nealus,

you’re right. Unfortunately this option was removed from Flexera. We’re working on this to get the option back or another improvement.



We have Tesla M10s and are running the 5.0 management console and cannot remove licenses that were assigned to deleted VMs. We also do not have those registry entries mentioned since our licenses do not have an expiration date but are perpetual instead. What makes it worse is that Nvidia support never calls back after the case is opened. Is there a workaround to this issue for customers that have perpetual (permanent) licensing?

Hi Streuber,

the workaround was posted 3 posts above. Please implement the RegKey.



Do I have to set LicenseInterval REGKEYS on Vm or on License Server or both?

Just on the connecting client.

I don’t fully understand how i can remove licensed clients if this VMs are deleted?
About LicenseInterval REGKEYS i understand, i can do it, when i still have VMs, but when they are delete, only option is to wait default LicenseInterval what is 7 days?

Correct, there is currently no way to delete individual licensed clients.

I am studying how NVIDIA Licensing works and will setup a Failover License Server. As we all agree,

But what, if it is too late, and like Edgars I have to free this locked licenses?

Can I just wait for, let’s say 1 day, or are they never release again?

Do I have to delete the license server database and set it up again, to get back my locked licenses?

Locked licenses will be relased (default) after 24h.

How is this done on a Linux based License server?