Is it possible to remove the IR rejection filter from IMX219 camera?

Hi I’ve been working with a project where I need a RGBN camera (NIR sensitive camera), I have a working IMX219 camera with me is it possible to remove the IR rejection filter from it ? if so, how ?

the filter is not in the camera element (the part that looks like a topless chip) but in the lens you choose to put in front of it. In several lenses it is a piece of tinted glass glued the back of the lens, in other cases it is a special internal lens deep within. I suggest you look up the specs for your camera lenses.
If it is the kind where the filter is just stuck on the back of the lens, then warmth and gentle force are your friends. Be scrupulously clean and to avoid dots of dust on the image do not leave the camera with no lens or the lens uncovered for more than a second or two. A simple lens tissue is enough,

Thanks @user73836
Yes, the IR filter is HW combined in the module unable to remove it. I would suggest to buy a new one without IR filter module.

could you please suggest some nir sensitive cameras that are compatible with jetson nano ?

I would suggest consult with camera partner.

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