Is it possible to run trt-yolo-app with jetpack 3.1?

Hello ,

I tried to compile and run trt-yolo-app with jetpack 4.2 (cuda 10)setup and it worked without error.

I’am wondering if is it possible to run this app with jetpack 3.1 setup.
are there any version of trt-yolo-app to work with this setup or any other solution?


trt-yolo-app doesn’t support JetPack3.1 since the TensorRT version is too old (v2.1) for use.
There is a version working with JetPack3.3. Is it okay for you?

  • JetPack3.3
  • Reset to previous snapshot
git reset --hard 9751c9dca1aa391ef377fea9eaf69ff521a65eb2