Is it possible to run two 8800 Systems? Is a farm possible?

I would like to use a rack full of 8800 systems at once, where each system runs the same GP-GPU D3D code and works on different chunks of a problem.

The problem is that D3D will not initialize with no user logged onto the system.

So I’m asking, is it possible to run GP-GPU D3D code with no actual user logged on to the machine?

For some projects like FAH, I guess it’s easy to assume someone is logged on.

However in any normal server cluster I am used to, a service (Demon) runs in the background and doesn’t care who is logged on.

Has anyone else considered the same problem?

Any response appreciated,

CUDA certainly works on Linux without anyone logged in, but based on your reference to Direct3D, I’m assuming you are asking about Windows.

He’s also asking about DirectX code, not CUDA code, I think. I’m pretty sure the answer to the question is that you must have someone logged into the machine for it to work. At least I don’t know of anyway to get it to work, but I don’t know that it absoutely cannot be done.

I’ve tried to set it up before so that I could log into the machine with cygwin’s ssh and run dx9 code, but I could never get it to work. :(

I’m really surprised, how come this isn’t a major problem for people doing work in clusters or farms?

I was referring to DirectX, however I could port to CUDA if someone can confirm that CUDA works with no logged in user.

Any Windows would do - XP, Vista, whatever. Unfortunately Linux is not an option because we have some 3rd party code that is windows only.

Again, replies are appreicated. Thank you.