Is it possible to set FPS in deepstream sdk

My application doesn’t need to process very fast. But like to interface to more cameras.
So can I set slower fps so that I can interface more camera sources?
I am using deepstream-test3 app and where I can set fps for multiple streaming sources?

I have used this parameter to slow down MUXER_BATCH_TIMEOUT_USEC.
It is written like that:
/* Muxer batch formation timeout, for e.g. 1000 millisec. Should ideally be set

  • based on the fastest source’s framerate. */
    #define MUXER_BATCH_TIMEOUT_USEC 10000000
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Thank you. Let me test.

The longer is the timeout, the smaller is fps?

Probably yes.

That is not lowering FPS. That is just timeout, not to wait longer than that time limit. If I set longer, it is longer waiting time. That is not lowering FPS.