Is it possible to update the firmware on a Voltaire ISR9024D externally managed switched using a linux box?

Hi all!

I recently bought on ebay the switch mentioned in the title, and it works just SDR instead of DDR. Searching here suggested that it may be a firmware issue, therefore i checked the

version of the firmware installed on the switched. After installing mft tools 2.7.1 (I read somewhere here that they were working fine) on my centos 6 box i queried the firmware

using spark. The installed fw is v0.8.6

After some googling I finally found the 1.0.5 fw image for this switch

When I finally ran spark -d **** -i firmware.ISR9024D.img b

it failed saying something like:

verifying secondary image failed:

address 0x2003 : expected 0xa0 found 0x00

My conclusion is that spark didn’t actually burn anything on the EEPROM so my question is:

is it possible to do what I want to do or is the switch’s EEPROM somehow locked?


Hi Alfio,

I don’t think the eeprom is related here.

What I suspect here is the switch is not externally managed, actually it may a managed switch?

What is the full Part number of the switch?

What was the output of:

spark -d verify

spark -d query


is this thread still relevent?

Try with flint or mstflint

it is part of the mst package.

@yairi flint and mstflint gave MFE_UNSUPPORTED_DEVICE

@eddie.notz. thanks, I will try that.

Hi Alfio,

Try to power off the switch, wait for a few minutes and then power it on again and try the below command:

spark -d **** -i verify

And then:

spark -d **** -i firmware.ISR9024D.img -nofs b

Nothing. same error.

My guess is that somehow one has to disable the write protect on the EEPROM, but I have no idea on how to do that…