Is it possible to use any extension of the images as input?(Configuration File for Dataset Converter)

According to Configuration File for Dataset Converter , the image_extension needs to be fixed to png, etc.
Is there any way to handle disparate extensions such as jpg, png, etc. in a comprehensive manner?
I would like to know how to convert images to Tfrecord in bulk, even if jpg and png are mixed in.

Thank you.

The “tlt-dataset-convert” does not support mixed extension format. You can transfer one kind of extension to another in order to unify the image format.

Thanks for the reply.
I will try to create my own script to change any image to tfrecord format which can be used in tlt training.
The format created by “tlt-dataset-convert” does not seem to be the common tfrecord format (.tfrecord) and does not have an extension.
Is it possible to check the code on github to see what “tlt-dataset-convert” is doing?

Sorry, there is not open source code for tlt-dataset-convert.

Can I check the contents of the file created by tlt-dataset-convert?
It is not possible with tf.python_io.tf_record_iterator().

Yes, you can. Refer to Tensor reshape error when evaluating a Detectnet_v2 model

Thank you