Is it possible to use kaldi?


I want to use Kaldi in Jetson TX2.
Many deep learning frameworks such as pytorch and tensorflow have been confirmed to be available, but I do not have the kaldi data.


I looked briefly at this and although it isn’t directly available it seems it would be possible to build it on a TX2. The prerequisites seem to be available (though I won’t guarantee it). I’m guessing the process would be fairly involved.

If it isn’t this specific program you are interested in you might check:

apt search 'speech recognition'


We don’t have experience about Kaldi but you can try to compile their code on TX2 directly.

It’s appreciated if you can keep updating the installation results.

Yes, Kaldi works on the jetson tx2.

Pytorch-Kaldi also works


Are there any instruction on how to build/configure Kaldi properly for Jetson boards? To be a little more specific, what kind BLAS libraries are recommended?