Is kernel 3.18 supported by MLNX OFED

Hi, folks

We are trying to choose a kernel for our produce and 3.18 was preferred, but according to the release notes 3.17 is the highest support version.

But after I download the tarball, I found file ‘MLNX_OFED_README_v2.4-1.0.0’ under ‘docs’, which telling that 3.18 was supported…

Again I check the release notes of, it also said 3.17 is the highest.

So i was totally confused:

  1. why tarball of contain the readme of

  2. Is there a version support kernel 3.18?

We appreciate if anyone can answer the question :-)


Michael Wang

We will run Debian I suppose :-)


Kernel 3.18 for what OS ? Ubuntu 14.04?

Dear Yun,

I was able to install

  • OS: ubuntu 14.04
  • Kernel: linux-headers-3.19.5-031905-generic
  • MLNX_OFED Driver: 2.4-1.0.4

I downloaded ubuntu 14.10 package from mlnx site and installed on my ubuntu 14.04.

IPoIB, iSER and iSCSI all work flawlessly. However, I cannot get ib_srpt to work under 2.4-1.0.4. Interesting thing is that I was able to make kernel 3.19.5 and ib_srpt work under MLNX_OFED Driver 2.2-1.

Hi, Chris

Thanks for the info, we’ve also investigated a little, there are plenty of compat code in 2.4.0 tarball for

version <=3.17, so seems like the project is based on 3.18+.

While there are many issues we found when trying to merge the project into our own tree, but anyway,

I think it could support 3.18 at least :-)