Is Kit Remote Client still available?

Hi, I’m looking for a way to control the Kit-based App on server from a remote host, and I’ve found this document:
But I can’t find this Kit Remote at all, is this desktop remote client still avalible?

I have found another documentation:
BUT STILL, no sign of this Omniverse Desktop Remote at all. Now I’m really confused…Or is it an enterprised-only application?

Hello @CeaserWayneCSW! I don’t see it anymore either. I will ask the team and post back here when I have more informaiton!

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Hello @CeaserWayneCSW! Apologies for the wait. Here is the latest information that I have for Kit Remote:

The development team is currently working on a bigger and better version of Kit Remote. Unfortunately, the current version will not work correctly with Create 2022.1 Beta or higher.

If you are still using Create 2021.x here are some direct URL links for downloading:

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Thanks a lot! Relly helpful, looking forward to the new release.

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