Is MacOSX CUDA not stable for now?

I have a Hackintosh with x99 and 1080ti. The system seems quite flawless and stable, and it can be burned by P95 and valley (OpenGL) more than one week. For daily use, I also feel well about it.

However, once I execute something using CUDA, the system will crash. To be specific, the screen will be stuck, and the sound output will keep repeating in about one second.

For example, my Hackintosh will crash soonly once any one of the following applications is executed:

  1. keras (tensorflow backend) mnist sample
  2. pytorch mnist sample
  3. cuda samples/5_Simulations/particles

The system will crash in a random but not long time after CUDA is using. I was wondering whether it is because the MAC CUDA is not stable enough for now?

Thanks for any reply!

Btw, my configuration can run some deep learning applications by CUDA for a very long time with no error in Linux. So the hardware should be ok.