is mclock() supported in PGI fortran?


When I tried to use mclock() in PGI fortran,
it complains “: error S0038 : Symbol, mclock, has not been explicitly declared”. Do we need to include any module for this to work?

I tried to use system_clock() as an alternative for the timer:

      program prog
      implicit none

      integer :: pstart, pend, i,a, j
      integer  :: nprocs, hz, clock0, clock1
      real     :: time
      integer :: t

      call system_clock (count_rate=hz)
      call system_clock(count=clock0)
	  do i = 1,100000
		 write(*,*), ' '
      end do

      call system_clock(count=clock1)

      t = (clock1 - clock0)
      time = real(t) / real(hz)

	  write(*,*) 'time = ',time


But it is giving output 0.0000 always, but this is running for few seconds for sure. Any error in the code above?

Thanks in advance.

I tend to use CPU_TIME() as a timer for code:

real :: t1, t2

call cpu_time(t1)

 ...code code code...

call cpu_time(t2)