Is Mental Ray soon to be dead?

I want to know why there’s no dedicated thread here nor a developer program that’s dedicated to Mental Ray. I can’t find relevant or new resources that talks in depth about the subject and its further developments.

The last resources that I read was from T.Driemeyer series which covers Mental Ray 3.4 and I don’t know if this is still relevant now that Mental Ray version is 3.11x.

So is Mental Ray is soon to be dead?

Unlikely. ;-)
You might want to look through the NVIDIA Advanced Rendering Center site:
You’ll find dedicated mental ray forums there as well as links to community sites with some information of what to expect in the future.

that’s good to hear ;)
actually, I’ve been in many times looking for more infos but the majority of those threads were outdated and if there’s a mention of sites or community forums, its either dead links or just plain blogs ranting about beginner stuff.
I was looking for updates to the book series by T.Driemeyer and that hopefully nvidia opens up a developer program for mental ray if not more mental ray literature gets published.