Is my GPU slower than expected? 8800m GTS 512MB

Hello there!

After running through a lot of trouble into getting CUDA + 3D Games working on my laptop (Gateway P-6831FX, Windows Vista SP1, GeForce 8800M GTS 512MB), I’m worried it is running slower than expected…

I tried running the particle example that comes with the SDK (1.1 or 2.0), but while the documentation that comes with the project says that a GeForce 8800 GT would simulate 65,536 particles at about 100 fps (if using atomic algorithm, if not it drops to to around 85 fps), I’m simulating 32,768 particles at 20~30 fps!

So, are the mobile cards THAT slower, or there could be a problem with my drivers (174.55, btw)?

mobile cards are that slower. Usually they have far less multiprocessors.

now that you mentioned it, I’ve got the spec for the desktop and notebook cards and there are far less processors indeed. my card has got 64 steam processors, while the 8800 GTS the article mentions has 96 steam processors. but still, it’s more than 3 times slower, it’s hard to believe it was suposed to be like this… :(

Also the speed of memory is usually slower, and don’t forget the speed between GPU & memory!

But to give you an example, I have an algorithm in which I have converted a small part to CUDA. It is faster on my notebook using 8600M GT than on a QuadCore at 3.66 GHz. Okay, on the quadcore, using my 8800GTX, it is much, much faster than the notebook, but still you can get nice speedups, even with notebook GPU’s.