“is not mulple of 4096” bug is back in Jetson and Orin cannot be cloned anymore

Why does NVIDIA still have such a common bug that hasn’t been resolved? It greatly reduces my development efficiency. Can’t even get a simple backup and flashing function right? Backing up raw files works fine, but when converting to sparse files, it throws this error. Restoring doesn’t work either, and it gives a return value of 3. Please, kindly address this bug properly and don’t burden developers, okay?

While searching the forum, I’ve already come across 3-4 similar posts. But none of the posts have received a completely satisfactory answer.

That is to say, the bug still exists!

host system: Ubuntu 20.04, not VM
clone from: Jetpack 5.1.1, AGX ORIN
backup to: another AGX ORIN

please, fix it !

Hi huliang1,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for AGX Orin?

This issue is coming from the rootfs size is not aligned with 4096. (It should be aligned with 4096 after flash, but user may adjust it to larger size which causes it not aligned with 4096)

Please refer to the following thread about the workflow for clone and restore.
Jetson is not properly booting after flashing cloned image - #10 by KevinFFF)
You should specify the ROOTFSSIZE during flash or it would use the default size.
Please do not modify allocation_attribute from 0x8 to 0x808 in XML.

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