Is Nucleus have github or cdn capabilities behind it? can i interact with it from a live and built game?

Does Nucleus have github like capability to roll back to a particular change? Can i access the changes inside of a running “game”. for example if i have a microsoft hololens and its running a unity app or unreal app, would a running instance of a game on those platforms be able to update a 3d model its using realtime as the game is running based on changes in nucleus?

for example if i had a 3d model of a room and then someone spawned a few changes like adding objects like arrows for pointers and such, could everyone running the model of the room get updated with the new changes?
could those changes be rolled back?

does Nucleus act like a CDN or have a CDN behind it to host the assets? could i configure a CDN behind Nucleus?

Hi @juan.suero! I have directed this post to the Nucleus Dev Team. In the meantime, please look through our Documentation for Nucleus here: Nucleus Overview — Omniverse Nucleus documentation


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Hi Juan,

There are lots of questions there. Most games end up compiling the final build of what you’re playing and so making any changes to the game often require a recompile step. There are ways around that to have “hot swapping” but that is very game to game specific.

Omniverse and Nucleus do work very well for updating scenarios, and we show that off with our various videos of apps that are connected into Omniverse. Create for instance will automatically update the scene if you change a texture. It’s pretty awesome. You can be working in Photoshop and trying different things, hit save and immediately see that in your 3D viewport.

We do have a connector for UnrealEngine that does similar things and gets close to what you’re describing. I’d recommend looking at this:
Unreal Engine 4 — Omniverse Connect documentation (