Is NvBufferTransform function asynchronous operation?


Would you tell me if NvBufferTransform function in the Tegra Multimedia API is asynchronous operation?
If so, how do I wait for the completion?


It is synchronous API, when function finished.
Image data will be in destination buffer(fd).

Thank you!

Hi waynezhu.

If i do trnasform from yuv420 to ABGR32, NvBufferTransform() wil be faster than NvVideoConverter ? I have tested these two APIs and found no much difference. Any official description of these two APIs performance ?


Hi Jiamianshiye,
I think NvBufferTransform is faster, because NvVideoConverter has some additional thread synchronization workload.

wayne zhu

Out of curiosity, how is the Block -> Pitch linear NV12 -> YUV420 NvBufferTransform done that we see in the 00_video_decode example? CPU? GPU (CUDA)?