Is NVDECODE API support H.265 mpeg2-ts

I tried to doenload Video Codec SDK 8.2 and use AppDec to decode H.265 mpeg2-ts video and met some problem. The video is freeze but works well with CPU decoder. I also tried AppDec on H.265 mp4 video, it works well.It seems there’s something wrong on parser. Any suggestion to resolve it? Or it was a bug from Nvidia?

Hi restart08,

Could you provide us some additional information:

  1. GPU
  2. Driver version
  3. OS
  4. Sample code reproducing issue

Ryan Park

Hi Ryan,

I used GTX 1070 on Windows 10 with NIVDIA CUDA 9.2.
I tried to add my video pass “D:/xxx.ts” into AppDecPerf which included in Video Codec SDK 8.2 and here’s the error message:
I think may be there’s something wrong from pPicParams which parse from VideoParser because both of PicWidthinMbs and FrameHeightInMbs are both 0


I see,

Which GeForce driver are you using? Are you using the latest GeForce driver in conjunction with your GTX 1070?

Ryan Park

Yes,I have updated to latest one.

Could you email us the clip of the video clip of the issue you are facing?

You can email it to the following email address:

Ryan Park

ok, I emailed you.

I don’t know about 8.2 but previous versions require raw input, i.e., an elementary stream. You cannot decode a transport stream without demuxing it.

I think it support transport stream since I tried H.264 mpeg2-ts and works very well.

I tried to trace the code of Video SDK 8.2 and maybe get the problem
I set the input file as “D:/video_h265.ts” and find the error occur on NvDecoder.cpp:436 which used pPicParams is from the input of HandlePictureDecodeProc

and I think there’s some error in pPicParams because the PicWidthInMbs and FrameHeightInMbs are all 0.

I cannot see which api produce the pPicParams since it comes from outside lib and it is a black box.
Maybe something wrong in the api…