Is NVENC in Xavier same as the one used in RTX2080?

Could someone comment on if the NVENC in Xavier is same as the one used in RTX2080? Both claim to be Turing based architectures. How about software stack support?

NVENC is independent hardware block, and different from GPU hardware architecture. Please check Technical Reference Manual for detail of hardware components.

Hi DaneLLL, thanks for your reply. I downloaded the Xavier SoC TRM, but didn’t find any details about NVENC/NVDEC. Could you answer if the video IP used in RTX2080 same as in AGX? If not, where can I find more details about the video IP used in AGX?

The NVENC hardware components are not same between Xavier and RTX2080. We don’t have detail information about the hardware design. The capability is listed in

And the software stacks are different. On Xavier, we support gstteamer and tegra_multimedia_api. On desktop GPUs, we support Video Codec SDK.