Is Nvidia Isaac compatible with Stereolabs ZED2 camera?

Is ZED2 camera compatible with Isaac SDK? ZED2 model is substantially upgraded from ZED camera (used in Carter reference robot). It has more features and it is important to assess compatibility before making any decisions. Thanks and hope to have feedback.

Hi @miroslav.radojevic,

We have tried with ZED Mini with our SVIO Gem and it works. In principle, ZED 2 should also work.

Hi, I have a ZED2 camera and on running bazel run apps/samples/zed_camera:zed_camera I get the error message [ZedCamera] Error initializing Zed camera: CAMERA NOT DETECTED on camera firmware 1523 and IMU firmware 776.

May I know when the ZED2 camera support will be added to Isaac? @miroslav.radojevic were you able to get your ZED2 camera to work?

Hi, I also encountered some issues when using ZED2 camera in the zed_camera sample application.
I have both ZED1 and ZED2, after following the tutorial, I can see ZED1’s real-time L/R camera images on Isaac Sight, however, for ZED2, the camera images are black.

Does this mean ZED2 is not supported by Isaac yet?

According to the documentation , ISAAC works with ZED SDK v2.8.3, that does not support the ZED2 camera.
To use the ZED2, ISAAC should be modified to support the ZED SDK v3.x, that requires code adaption.

Hi. Is there any update on this?
I have a realsense T265 camera but since Isaac does not have any ready-to-deploy codelet for the T265, I was considering the ZED 2 camera for purchase. Does the Nvidia team plan to release codelets for either T265 or ZED2 in the future? @Swapnesh your comments would be appreciated.

Can you please let us know why Isaac 2020.1 has ZED sdk 2.8 , while Isaac 2020.1 NX SDK has ZED sdk 3.2 ? Still ZED 2 is not functional with Isaac SDK !!

Did you figure out a way to make ZED2 work?

Yes , you have to reconnfigure the ZED files in the package , follow the sample code for the realsense depth camera , intermediate knowledge of C++ OOP is required to make this work.

Great! Thanks for the reply.

As for Isaac SDK 2020.2.2, ZED2 camera can be supported by only some slight modifications on the config files (BUILD,, without the need to modify C++ code.

The details and the modified configs can be found here: