Is Opencv4Tegra included in L4T R24.1 built with gstreamer support?


I have recently learned that OpenCV can include support to send/receive data to/from a gstreamer pipeline via cv::VideoReader and cv::VideoWriter.

This sound very interesting but I am a bit confused about the OpenCV versions I need to use.

Do pre-built Opencv4tegra libraries distributed with L4T support gstreamer?

Will I be able to use USB3.0 cameras? ( I am mainly concerned about the following issue Is the new USB fw included in L4T R24.1?)

Thanks for any pointer!

I believe gstreamer does work with OpenCV, gstreamer is more or less the only game in town for video processing since VDPAU doesn’t work on Tegra. For USB cameras, you might need to build a newer version of OpenCV to work around some issues.