Is pin A9 on the Jetson TX2 SoM output-only, or just output-by-default?

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I’m wondering if pin A9 is output-only, or output-by-default-but-can-be-reconfigured-to-input.

  • Reason for believing it’s output-only:
    • The column saying Output is titled Direction, not Default direction;
    • the Bidir for pin A6 wouldn’t make sense if it was merely the default direction.
  • Reason for believing it’s output-by-default-but-can-also-be-input:
    • The datasheet says “each GPIO is individually configureable as Output/Input/Interrupt sources […]”
    • At some other page the datasheet says LV_CZ pins are MPIO pads, and “each MPIO pad consists of […] an input receiver with either schmitt mode, CMOS mode, or both”

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Pin A9 is output on devkit. It can be input as it is a GPIO. You can check the pinmux sheet for its usage.

Thank you. So that column merely depicts the default direction, then. With respect to pin A6, how can the default direction be Bidir? Isn’t a pin either output or input?

Also, my question was regarding the SoM, not the devkit.