Is Pose Tracker the new Wrnch?

Hey, I found out this:

There is the mention of Pose Tracker, cool!

Can we expect to see a video tutorial about this solution?

The new Pose Tracker tool is our AI convolutional motion capture tool. While it is very new (why there aren’t any tutorials available yet), I have not yet had a chance to compare it to Wrnch to give you a solid “yes” or “no” to your question.

Yes, we will have video tutorials! Our Machinima team was so excited to get out this latest version to you that our tutorial team is still working on the training material! The documentation feels decent enough for you to be at least a little bit dangerous with the tool, I hope! Give us a few days, and we will have some help uploaded to guide you through your dastardly deeds! Of course, if you have any specific questions, you know where I’ll be!

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Fantastic, thanks everybody involved in developing this!!

No hurry with the tutorials, I have plenty on Omniverse work at hand here.

Pose tracker is awesome, a few more refinements down the line and mocap suits wont be needed for basic mocap!

Fed in some random youtube dance videos and damn, super surprise at how well it picked things up.
couple of suggestions

  • auto feet contact / floor contact
  • perspective correction ( this could be done manually by user to set the cube volume to aid the solve.
  • workflow documentation on how to clean up the mocap or stream the data into maya’s human IK.

great work!

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Sounds good JC !
I hope they can take your ideas to devs.
I am still trying to get that a2f to work with full body CC character :P

Hi everyone,

Indeed, the work on the new Pose Tracker Tool is awesome.

But check this video ! :

They had the idea to add physics to the pose estimation, what a wonderful idea ! This solves a lot of issues like flickering or foot sliding.

Hope to see these ideas added to the Pose Tracker.

One optimization can also be done with multiple cameras. According to some papers, it helps a lot during the pose estimation !

Amazing work by the team !

Thanks a lot !

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Yes that shall be so good!! I hope they bring those features to Pose Tracker Tool soon.

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