Is possible to develop an AGV with Isaac and make path planning through a manually/predefined input route via web app?

Hello developers. My name is Anderson and I work as automation consultant.

I am new to the development of applications used the Jetson platform and I am in a project to develop an AGV with IA/ML to optimize predefined logistics indoor routes of materials for a client of mine.
The mission would be, in addition to developing the AGV control algorithm via ISAAC, allowing the client can, manually, trace or put interpolation points to draw a route via a web application to be developed (and obviously execute it and save these routes manually).

My doubt is, is it possible to do this level of integration using ISAAC with a real AGV?

If yes, where do I start to studying this (besides the issac sdk docs)?

Thanks in advance.

(Sorry for my bad english btw)

The project seems like fun! It should be possible to do this level of integration using Isaac with a real AGV, sure, but the devil is in the details here. You would need to implement the UI for your application and then replace the global planner in the Isaac SDK Nav Stack subgraph with your own codelet that takes in the curve so that the local planner (LQR) can generate trajectories to follow it. The Isaac SDK docs are your best resource along with questions here in the forums for the community to help.