Is SYCL available on cuda?

Is SYCL available with new nvidia drivers? Has anyone tried?

Bumping this question, I’m also interested in SyCL + CUDA.

I had to look up SYCL. Khronos says:

“SYCL enables single source development where C++ template functions can contain both host and device code to construct complex algorithms that use OpenCL acceleration, and then re-use them throughout their source code on different types of data.”

This would indicate that SYCL provides features for OpenCL programmers that CUDA has provided natively for years. If I recall correctly, combined host and device code in the same source file was supported from CUDA 1.0, and C++ template support was added in CUDA 3.0. Today’s CUDA offers support for many C++11 features.

So I am not sure what you mean by “SyCL + CUDA”.

Xtream might interest you guys as a good option for SYCL:

Brief intro doc:

Source code:

Quick update regarding the current situation for anyone looking for this and finding this thread: SYCL over CUDA is in development and already working for many applications:

(Disclaimer: I’m the author of this software)