is that workable for CUDA 7.5 with GTX 1060 Windows 10

Hello All!

I have an MSI GTX1060-3GB
and I use it with Windows 10 x64

When I wanted to install CUDA 7.5 because the program developed under CUDA 7.5 many years ago.
And I cannot open it again by using CUDA9.2 with VS 2017.
when I installed the CUDA 7.5, the following error showed me
“This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware. You may
continue installation. but you may not be able to run CUDA applications with this
driver. This may occur with graphics hardware that is newer than this toolkit. In
that case, it is suggested that you keep your existing driver and install the
remaining portions of the CUDA Toolkit.”

I am not sure if the CUDA 7.5 is workable under this condition.

What is the solution? is there anyone could help me?

I am really appreciated.

Thank you.

It should be possible to use CUDA 7.5 with your GPU. The driver you have already installed will work with CUDA 7.5. Deselect the driver install option in the CUDA 7.5 installer, and proceed with the installation.